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Linet Eleganza Bed

Linet Eleganza Bed

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The Linet Eleganza bed is an affordable full electric medical bed that includes a chair position, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg, scale and bed exit alarm along with all other basic electrical features. This hospital bed is ideal with a foam mattress. It has a control pendant on a cord which makes it easy for caregivers or nurse staff to adjust the patient. This is an excellent bed for home care, long term care or International hospitals.

The bed is designed for supporting the patient in several positions such as horizontal, Trendelenburg, Cardiac Chair, etc. The stable undercarriage with 4 castors makes it possible for the bed to be controlled by one person 1The bed has a safe working load of 550 lb 2. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information on the bed’s dimensions or weight.

Linet Eleganza Specifications External dimensions223.3 cm x 99.5 cm Bed extension32 cm Bed Height (Hi-Lo adjustment)39.5 cm – 77.5 cm Internal dimension200 × 90 cm Max. mattress height18 cm Bed weight156 kg SWL

We sell this bed recertified and patient ready with a 90 day parts warranty.

Bed is located in our Richmond Virginia office.

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