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Hill Rom P7500 Progressa Bed

Hill Rom P7500 Progressa Bed

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Hill Rom Progressa P7500 hospital bed

About the Hill Rom P7500 Bed

The Hill Rom P7500 Progressa bed is one of the best ICU - acute care hospital bed sold in the United States. Hill Rom is a premier hospital bed manufacturer and this is the pinnacle bed offered in the used-refurbished medical bed market. This hospital bed is referred to as a "pulmonary" bed because of a percussion-vibration feature in the mattress. This mattress also can turn a person called "lateral rotation" and also has a low air loss feature. This is also one of the only beds with an air mattress that sits into a full chair position. This bed is a newer version of the Hill Rom P1900 Totalcare Sport bed. When they made the Progressa bed they got rid of all of the hydraulics which were one of the root causes of repair and service requests the P1900 Totalcare Sport bed ad.

The Hill Rom Progressa P7500 bed thus is a newer and more reliable version of the Hill Rom P1900 TotalCare Sport. This bed also has a pendant which provides more options for the patient to move themselves in bed. 

Hill Rom Progressa 7500 Specifications

Total Length Foot Section Extended Foot Section Retracted 98" (248.9 cm) 88" (223.5 cm) Maximum Width Side Rails Down Side Rails Up 40.5" (103 cm) 40.5" (103 cm)
Maximum Side Rail Height Above Sleep Deck 17" (43.2 cm)
Highest Position Top of Seat Section to Floor 35.7" (90.7 cm)
Lowest Position Top of Seat Section to Floor 16.5" (41.9 cm)
Minimum Underbed Clearance 4.3" (10.9 cm)
w/o IntelliDrive® Powered Transport Standard Caster Size 6" (15.2 cm)
Articulations Head Section Thigh Section Foot Section
Trendelenburg Position (maximum)
Reverse Trendelenburg Position (maximum) 0° - 67° 77° with Chair Egress 0° - 30° 0° - 45° 75° with Chair Egress 13° 18°

Summary of Progressa Bed
This hospital bed is ideal and sold to patients with the most serious health issues including ALS, MS, quadriplegic, paraplegic, stroke and other similar conditions. In my opinion after 15 years of being the hospital bed business and selling thousands of beds from most every domestic brand this is the best bed money can buy. Baxter bought Hill Rom about a year ago and discontinued their home care division so buying these in the secondary market is now the only way to get these beds. We sell these beds and ship them all over the world.  

We have these beds in Virginia and in California. If you wish to purchase the bed you can order online. The cost does not reflect the shipping costs. We can deliver or ship anywhere in the United States and the world. Contact us for shipping quotes.

More Information and Notes

Average time to ship is 3-5 business days. Rush delivery is sometimes available. 

Contact us direct for more information at
Virginia (540) 327-7376
California 858-263-4894

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