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Hill Rom P1900 Total Care Sport 2

Hill Rom P1900 Total Care Sport 2

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Hill Rom TotalCare SpO2RT 2 Bed

The Hill Rom TotalCare SpO2RT 2 aka “Sport 2” bed is one of the best
ICU, acute care air mattress hospital beds made in the USA.  The “Sport 2”
comes with a sophisticated air mattress system that provides a pulmonary
featured called “percussion – vibration” to break up upper respiratory
congestion in the lung, “lateral rotation” to help turn the patient, “low air loss”
providing a cool layer of air along the top of the mattress to keep patient cool
and prevent sweating and also a “chair position” that seats the patient feet on
the ground to assist in making getting in and out of bed easier. It is the #1
air mattress – ICU bed we sell and is used in hospitals, surgery centers, home
care patients and long term care facilities. This bed is used to help treat and
prevent bed sores, pressure wounds, wound care, skin ulcers and is popular
for patients with MS, ALS, paraplegic, quadriplegic and other types of serious
medical condition.

Hill Rom TotalCare Sport 2 Bed Specifications:

Overall length 81.5” (207.0 cm) to 93.0” (236.2 cm)
Overall width Side rails up 40.5" (102.9 cm)
Max Head elevation 75°
Max Patient weight for SpO2RT Mattress 500 lb (227 kg)


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