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Hill Rom Care Assist Bed

Hill Rom Care Assist Bed

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Hill Rom CareAssist Bed

The Hill Rom® CareAssist® ES hospital bed is one of the newest “med-surg” aka “foam mattress” bed models being offered by Hill Rom. These beds have a modern look and are durable and reliable for hospitals, long term care, surgery centers and home care use. The Hill Rom® CareAssist® ES is the most popular used, pre-owned Hill Rom® bed model being purchased by hospitals. 

Hill Rom CareAssist Bed Specifications: 

Frame width 40″ (102 cm)
Frame length with head/footboard (w/ bumpers) 90″ (228.60 cm)
Sleep deck:
Width 36″ (91.44 cm)
Normal length 80″ (203.20 cm)
Extended length 84″ (213.36 cm)
Bed clearance under frame 7.5″ (19.05 cm)
Optional scale system
Accuracy: 1% of patient weight
Weigh in any position: Yes
Scale repeat ability 0.2% of patient weight
Low position floor to deck 15.75″ (40 cm)
High position floor to deck 32.5″ (82.55 cm)
Max head elevation 65°
Max Trend and Reverse Trend 16°
Caster size 5.7″ (14.5 cm)
Weight limit (safe working load) 500 lb (226.8 kg)

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